Botanically dyed to capture nature’s transient beauty.


Every leaf contains within its veins a story of a time and place.  A story extracted and preserved by me using ancient natural dyeing techniques. The leaves, flowers and fronds are placed in the folds of the fabric and mixed with rain water or ocean surf to extract the hues and patterns. The process not only yields eye-catching prints but also has minimal impact on the environment.

Wear a piece of nature and feel nice and warm about supporting the handmade and doing some good for mother earth.


About Bee

I’m an artist, maker and free-spirited entrepreneur, creating textiles that straddle luxury, art and fashion. My brand is borne out of values of sustainability, slow fashion and a belief that you can enjoy the fine things in life while being kind to the planet. I handcraft each product using locally-foraged flora, tapping into nature’s vast repository of colours.  My gentle protest against fast fashion and mass production. 

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Scarves, clothing and pouches dyed sustainably in silk and Australian Merino wool, with locally foraged flora. Each is a snapshot of a time and place from where ever I wander. No two pieces are the same. 

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