I was born in England, raised in Denmark and currently shuttle between Europe and Australia, chasing leaves. For me there’s no better way to explore a place than through the colours hidden in the flora.

I worked  as an advertising art director for fifteen years, before becoming a refugee from the corporate world. The decision to trade my computer for a dye pot was made after an apprenticeship with a master dyer in India which rekindled a love for handmade textiles. It was also borne by a frustration with the detrimental effects of fast fashion and mass production. It sparked a desire to create something more aligned with my outlook to life. I believe fashions come and go but our planet has to live on for children and grandchildren. Therefore I wanted to make something that helps people connect with nature and renew their appreciation for it. Eco printing seemed like a natural choice.

My adventures in leaf-dyeing have taken me all over the world. I’ve participated in high-end craft shows in UK, Denmark, Australia and have been featured in art exhibitions in Australia, China and India. My products can be seen in the fine galleries and gift shops in the Australian Museum and the Parliament House. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have my scarves chosen as gifts for foreign dignitaries by the Australian Prime Minister’s Office and the Department of Foreign Affairs. 

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 Around the world in 80 dyes

I was born in England, raised in Denmark and live in Australia. Travel comes naturally to me. And these days, I don't go anywhere without a pot to cook up some tasty textiles. 

I've extracted hues and patterns from flora gathered in streets and parks from Copenhagen to Canberra. My adventures in leaf dyeing have also led me to secrets in Crete, England, Spain and Holland. I've played with (and planted) indigo in the mountains of Japan where the cooler climes impart shades of deep blue. And conjured up a range of earthy tones with the Bogolanfini mud dyeing technique from Mali. My creations are well travelled too, having been featured in craft shows in Europe and exhibitions in Australia, China and India.