Capturing a memory of a time and place

Whether its scarves, clothing or pouches, each piece is individually handcrafted using locally foraged flora. 

Real leaves, fronds and flowers are placed carefully on the fabric, then rolled or folded into small individual bundles, which are infused in rain water or ocean surf to draw out the hues and contours.

Since results vary from leaf to leaf, place to place, season to season, each textile is unique.

A gentle protest against mass production and fast fashion.


Style to be enjoyed for years

I use only the highest quality silk and Merino wool sourced ethically. The garments are designed to be colour fast. A result achieved wholly with plant pigments, tannins and natural mordants. No artificial dyes are used in the process.

The colours and patterns embalmed in the fabric are 100% extracted from flora. Simply hand wash with a mild detergent, air dry and cool iron.