Unlocking nature’s hidden colours.

Eco printing works on the same principle as leaf stains you see on the pavement. Leaves contain tannins and pigments which have been a rich source of colour for centuries. My process involves extracting this colour by enclosing the leaf in the fabric and exposing it to heat - either through boiling or steaming in a pot. The hues and patterns that emerge vary from clear, near-photographic definitions to abstract shadows.  That’s because, like people, every leaf has its own personality. This unpredictability is what makes the process exciting for me. When I remove the rolls from the dye pot, I don’t know what to expect.  A bit like opening a present. I take pride in the fact that each of my products is unique. A gentle protest against fast fashion and mass production.


Style to be enjoyed for years

I use only the highest quality silk and Merino wool sourced ethically. The garments are designed to be colour fast. A result achieved wholly with plant pigments, tannins and natural mordants. No artificial dyes are used in the process.

The colours and patterns embalmed in the fabric are 100% extracted from flora. Simply hand wash with a mild detergent, air dry and cool iron.